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How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself Easily

Are you rearranging your home and you need to move that big couch to another room? It sounds impossible to move heavy items alone. Their weight is not the only problem, but you also need to consider their big size. You certainly don’t want to damage the item, which is why it is much easier when you have a friend to help you.

However, that is not always the case, but that is not a reason to worry. If you want to know how to move heavy furniture by yourself, you’ve come to the right place. I will explain the entire process in a simple step by step guide with the photos that will ensure you perfectly understand what you need to do.

If you are ready, let’s start with the guide!

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Step by Step Guide how to move heavy furniture by yourself easily

how to move furniture easily by yourself

Step 1: Prepare Everything You Need

The first thing you need to decide is which piece of furniture you want to move. For this guide, I selected this bulky lounge. I want to thank my buddy Mike for agreeing to participate in this how to move heavy furniture by yourself guide. If Mike can do this, you can, too!

move furniture easilyAnother thing you will need is a 4-wheel dolly. As we mentioned, this is a big and bulky item, so you need to ensure to get a matching dolly. You can find the best furniture sliders Home Depot has to offer online. The idea is to make sure the dolly is suitable for the furniture you are moving.

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Step 2: Tip the Lounge to the Back

how to move heavy furniture on carpetIf you take a close look at this lounge, you will notice that its feet are quite high. That is the case with many other furniture pieces, which make them unsuitable for the dolly to work. It is something that makes things a bit trickier, but also something we can resolve easily.

What we want to do now is to tip the lounge on its back.

Make sure to be careful because you don’t want to damage the lounge. There is no point of doing all this if the lounge doesn’t stay intact. You want to be gentle and slowly tip it to its back.

It shouldn’t be difficult to do but make sure not to rush things. Once the lounge is on its back, it should look something like this.

We are now ready for the next, and the most important step in the guide.

chair sliders

Step 3: Sliding the Dolly Under the Lounge

The feet of the lounge are not a problem for the dolly now, and we can place it below the furniture piece. The goal of this step is to slide the dolly under the lounge.

cheapest way to move furniture

Use one of the best furniture sliders Home Depot has, or any other dolly as long as you think it is suitable and it will hold the weight of the lounge. However, please make sure to use 4-wheel dollies as they are the right choice for moving furniture.

Now, take a look at the picture below. What you want to do is to use your hands to lift the lounge high enough so that you can slide the dolly underneath.

The dolly has wheels, so it shouldn’t be a problem to navigate it by using your feet. The optimal position for the dolly is the middle of the lounge as that will ensure optimal weight distribution.

best furniture sliders

Step 4: Placing the Lounge onto the Dolly

The next step in this how to move heavy furniture by yourself guide is to gently lower down the lounge onto the dolly.

how to move by yourself

Now, step away from the furniture, and make sure that the position of the dolly is optimal. First, the entire lounge should be lifted off the floor and placed on the dolly. Second, the position of the slider should be at the center of the furniture piece.

These two often go hand in hand because if you placed the dolly too close to one of the sides, a portion of the lounge would still be on the floor.

If necessary, you can lift the lounge again to readjust things, but if you were careful enough, I believe you got it right the first time. Now, it is time to move the lounge!

Step 5: Move the Lounge to the Desired Position

furniture slidersThe dolly you use is equipped with four wheels, and that will make moving it as easy as ABC. You won’t have to waste any energy, and it will be easy to reach the desired position.

Go ahead and try moving the lounge. See how simple it is? Whenever you are ready, take the lounge to the desired destination.

Moving the furniture with a dolly is a smart choice even when you don’t know where you want to place it. You can use the slider to move the lounge from one room to another effortlessly.

Feel free to take your time and experiment with the positions. It is always better to see a piece of furniture in the desired spot to ensure it is the right fit for it.

Once you choose the ideal location, it is time to bring the lounge back on its feet. You can do that by tipping the lounge back to its natural position. It should be easy, but once again, make sure to be careful.

The final step is to remove the slider from underneath the furniture, and voila, you’ve got your lounge exactly where you wanted it!

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How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself – Additional Tips

how to move furniture by yourselfHere are some additional tips you may want to implement during the process to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  • Lighten the load – if the furniture you are moving has inner compartments, it would be smart to remove all items from them. In the case of dressers, you can even consider taking the drawers out to avoid them falling during the transport.
  • Watch the corners – when moving the furniture around with your dolly; make sure not to hit it when turning corners.
  • Don’t bump the lounge into other things – this is another way how you can damage the furniture. A bit of extra care goes a long way and can help you to keep your lounge or anything else you are moving intact.
  • It’s smart to wear closed-toe shoes – believe it or not, this may reduce the risk of minor injuries in case of mishaps, such as dropping the lounge on your feet.

Finally, sliders allow you to experiment where you want to position the furniture you want to be moved. However, if you want to shorten the process and save time and effort, choose a new spot for your lounge before you start moving it!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it is possible to move bulky and heavy furniture without anyone’s help. You can do the entire job alone, and I hope that this how to move heavy furniture by yourself

You’ve done the entire job alone and without anyone’s help. I hope that this how to move heavy furniture by yourself clearly demonstrated the details of the process. A dolly is the only thing you need to rearrange your home any way you see fit. So, go ahead and pick your favorite slider to try it out today!

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