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Best Drum Dolly That Can Cart Gallon Drums

If you need to transport a heavy load from one place to another, a drum dolly can make your job easier. These products can handle extreme weights, which makes them ideal for moving heavy gallon drums.

By using a dolly, you ensure that you won’t chip, scratch, or otherwise damage your objects. If you are wondering how to choose the best drum cart, you’ve come to the right place. Here is an overview of the top-rated models currently available on the market.


1.     Vestil Octo Drum Dolly

2.     Red Hound Blue Auto Drum Dolly

3.     Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Drum Dollies Set


Keep reading below where we will go into full detail about each drum dolly and let your know the pro’s and con’s of each dolly, to help you make the right decision for your requirements:

1.     Vestil Octo Drum Dolly

55 gallon drum dollyWe are starting with a premium drum dolly. The product may cost a bit more than others on the list, but each cent is worth it. You will get a durable cart that you can count on whenever you need to move something.

The first thing you will notice is that the dolly itself is heavy as it weighs 51 pounds. Thanks to that, it can handle an impressive 2,000-pound capacity. Vestil truly took things to the next level with this product.

The manufacturer chose steel as the preferred material for the frame. You could never tell because of the powder-coat finish in the appealing blue color. Not only the construction is strong, but the dolly will look as good as new for a long time.

The product features eight cast iron wheels with casters and a four-inch diameter. There is no locking mechanism, but the goal of using a drum cart is to move things around, and not keep them in place.

The important thing is that the wheels move effortlessly even if you maximize the load capacity. It is that versatility and durability that is the main selling point of this dolly.

Vestil Octo Drum Dolly


  • An incredibly durable steel construction
  • It can handle a fantastic 2,000-pound load
  • An appealing blue color and resistance to fading and scratching


  • The wheels do not feature a locking mechanism

VERDICT: Impressive strength and durability combined with beautiful aesthetics.

2.     Red Hound Blue Auto Drum Dolly

55 gallon drum cartThe next dolly we feature has a 1,000-pound capacity, which gives you plenty of room to move various objects. Although the manufacturer is an automotive industry company, you can use the dolly in any warehouse, factory, or shop.

The inner diameter of the unit is 20 inches, but without the anti-tip wings, which increase the size to 24 ½ inches. The product is also six inches high, including the wheels.

The anti-tip wings are a convenient feature as they prevent anything from going wrong during transport. The wheel casters have a three-inch diameter and ensure excellent stability.

As we expected, the company went with steel as the chosen material for the frame. It is top-quality steel that can handle a lot and has admirable durability.

The manufacturer added a powder coat finish in blue. It ensures resistance to fading and chipping, and it gives the drum dolly and entirely new look. The bolts may seem a bit too long for some items, but you can solve that with some simple tweaking.

Red Hound Blue Auto Drum Dolly


  • A very versatile dolly
  • Anti-tip wings contribute to stability
  • Top-quality steel used for the frame


  • No other color choices are available
  • The bolts may seem too long

VERDICT: An extremely stable and versatile dolly.

3.     Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Drum Dollies Set

30 gallon drum dollyWhat is better than a single drum cart? You’ve guessed it right – two of them!

Red Hound Auto prepared this set of dollies that have a 1,000-pound capacity each. Professionals are the primary target group because they are those who use these carts often.

The product has anti-tip wings that ensure optimal stability and prevent tipping during transport. If you include the wings, the product has a 28 1/2-inch diameter. Thanks to that, it can fit barrels that have up to 23 5/8 inches in diameter.

It is a still drum dolly, and its primary color is metallic. It has a water-resistant finish, which also protects against scratches and rust.

Although the maximum load capacity is 1,000 pounds, you may want to restrain from pushing it to the limit. The cart is very durable, but you may risk breaking it at maximum loads. The manufacturer seems to trust it, however, which is a good sign. The warranty against defects and workmanship is 12 months.

Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Drum Dollies Set


  • You get two dollies in a set
  • It can accommodate large barrels
  • Steel construction and scratch-resistant finish
  • Backed by a warranty


  • You might not want to push it to the maximum load capacity

VERDICT: A set of dollies primarily designed for those who plan to use them often.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our selection helped you to pick the most suitable product for you. You can’t go wrong if you choose any of three mentioned in the list, but try to consider your expectations, and pick a drum dolly that best meets your needs!


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