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Rock and Roller Cart – The Best Equipment Transporter

Disc jockeys and musicians swear by Rockin Roller Cart’s usefulness. Music technology stores carry it very much like the regular instruments and paraphernalia in their product line. We’ve even come to think that it was designed for musicians and that was the reason for its rock-n-roll name.

Studying the product in-depth, though, we’ve learned that it’s an all-purpose cart not limited to transporting drums, keyboards, guitar, PA system, power amps, synthesizers, microphone box, and other musical stuff. It works for people who need to transport multiple items from their car to their work venue in one go. If you’re involved in photography, event organizing, diving, research and exploration, shows and performances, or film production, you know what we mean. Lugging as many items as you can carry, going back and forth, getting yourself spent long before your performance – you know the drill. It’s a waste of time and energy.

So is the RocknRolla cart the game-changer you’re looking for? What makes this product rock? Or does it? You’ll see in a bit.

rocknroller multi cart r2

Flatbed trolley goods with multi cart wheels

R12RT: Its Features, Specs, and Functions   

Rock n roller is the maker of multi-use utility carts called the multicart, which is a winner of the Accessory of the Year award. Roller cart has 10 different models, and rock n roller r12 is one of its newer and bigger versions.

Depending on the dolly type that you need and the load you’re transporting, R12RT transforms into an 8 in 1 multicart. Here are its specs:

  • Cart wagon load capacity of up to 500-lb max load

  • The telescoping frame adjusts from 34” to 52” length

  • 5” wide bed frame

  • 10”x3” R-Trac all-terrain flat-free rear wheels (Cartwheels)

  • 8”x2” R-Trac flat-free front casters with locking brakes

  • Weighs 33 lb

  • Made of stainless steel, gauge 16

  • Axle has 19-mm diameter

    rock and roller cart r12

rock n roller r6rt

The rocknroller R12RT converts to a 2-wheel hand truck and 4-wheel dolly in various dimensions. Get a look at how you can configure and use it:

  • Short furniture dolly

    – this works in 4-wheel mode with both handles down; sides set to short length; flat carriage; the sturdiest set up for R12RT

  • Long-nose luggage cart

    – this works as a 2-wheel hand truck with an extra-long nose for lifting bulky boxes

  • Short platform cart

    – set on 4-wheel mode and short length; works as a cart with one handle locked upright

  • Short hi-stacker

    – this is similar to the short platform setup except that it makes use of two upright handles; allows stacking equipment and boxes high; best used with bungee ropes to secure load

  • Long platform cart

    – similar to short platform except that the bed is set to its full length

  • Long hi-stacker

    – similar to short hi-stacker except that the bed is set to its full length

  • Long platform dolly

    – similar to short furniture dolly except that the bed is set to its full length

  • Storage transport

    – both handles folded down, length at minimum, components locked; hold upright on large wheels; transport/store with ease

Rock Cart Pros  

rock-n-roller cart wheelsWe’ve said this before, and we’ll not tire saying it again, rock n roller r12 saves you numerous trips. Some locations may require you to walk a fraction of a mile from the car pack to the venue. Certainly, juggling heavy equipment and repeating the act many times over is not something you’d relish doing before a show.

Capable of lots of loads

So to us, the biggest draw of R12RT rock n roller multicart is its ability to move a trunkful of a load. You’d be on time for your performance or event, with nary a sweat on your back.


Rock n roller r12rt has eight configurations that make it very versatile. The long hi-stacker setup is a favorite among musicians and photographers. It stacks camera hard cases, photography lights, music equipment, sound and DJ gears and transports these valuable items safely.


The bed frame has grip tapes that help prevent slippage. With some bungee cords and a fair amount of common sense, you’d have no issues negotiating curves.

Rolls on any surface

Yes, this Rock N Roller rolls. Rough or grassy terrain, ramps, or uneven floor – it has no problem with any of those. It even has a stair helper for tackling stairs. It would be wise to check for escalators or a lift first, though, unless you’d prefer to do some physical and mental calisthenics with the stairs. If you’ve tried the R8RT (Mid) or R10RT (Max) versions of the Multi-Cart, you’d feel the difference. Those older models work great on paved grounds, but if you’re a professional entertainer, service provider, or field worker, you don’t always get to choose your location. Note: a rock n roller multi cart r12 loaded near its max capacity may have a problem navigating muddy or sandy turf. As a rule, don’t load ANY dolly to its max capacity. We recommend loads to be around ½ of the stated capacity.

Fits most lifts, folds down small

Handy, compact, and maneuverable – even when loaded. It helps to know ahead of time the size of the lift. Nothing can be more frustrating than extending the R12RT to its full length, stacking it high, and walking it from the car to the lift only to find out that it’s too long for the lift. The bed frame is only 13.5” wide so going through the door is not an issue, just don’t let your cargo extend over the sides too much.

Can double as table or rack

It can be fitted with shelves and accessories to turn it into a photographer’s table, a DJ’s rack, or an exhibit shelf. It does mean an added cost and setup time. If the added function is necessary for you, however, it’s a perk you can’t miss.

rock & roller cart replacement wheels

Rock Roller Cart Cons 

After using this mechanical pony for a while, we found the following issues worth noting:

The handle has a wobble

When you set R12RT as a cart or stacker, with either or both handles upright, you’d notice that the handles are not rigid. They have a sway in them. The slight give on the handles doesn’t seem to affect its function, though. In fact, the more you load the rock roller cart, and especially if you secure your cargo with bungee, the sway disappears.

Too narrow bed

We’ve mentioned that the bed frame measures only 13.5” wide, which is great for getting through entryways, hotel corridors, and kitchens. It works well for low stacks of cargo, but as the pile goes higher, this narrow width makes the cart less stable and prone to keeling over on its side.

Front wheels not all-terrain when fully loaded

The instruction does say something about placing heavier loads near the rear, not the front. So consider yourself forewarned. The front wheels’ ability to move over rough terrain is greatly affected by the weight you put on it. Just don’t load the front part of the cart beyond 100 pounds – especially not on concert night – and you’ll be fine.

Rock and Roller Trolley is not the lightest thing

You can fold down its bulk to the most compact, yeah, but it still weighs 33 lb. For some, heaving 33 pounds to and from their car’s trunk can be a real pain in the back. Well, some things you just have to live with, and this is one of those. It’s the tradeoff to the numerous trips you’d need to take to and from every location, not to mention the steel build that you wanted in the first place.

Rock and Roller hand truck quality control issues

Some buyers found manufacturing quality issues, such as parts and support struts that didn’t fit. In short, you may need to get some pliers ready and prepare yourself for some elbow grease.

Brakes sometimes fail

Just when you need the brakes, they fail you. Don’t they all, especially when loaded to the hilt? Of course, we expected more from a Rock N Roller, but we also never load a cart to its full cap, especially when we know that there’s a slope ahead. So even when it says 500-lb max capacity, do your own judgment and keep on the safe side.

Overrated max capacity

This observation is from buyers who tried loading R12RT near its 500-lb max capacity. They observed sagging along the telescoping sides. But what else would you expect? Like we always said, load your carts only around ½ of its sales specs.

Cart accessories

An important accessory would be the shelves, but the manner to install and break them down for storage is counter-intuitive. Shelves are attached using wing bolts, and this design does not seem to be the best for it. If the maker finds a way to make shelves slip in and out easily, then that would markedly improve the experience of users.


The Rock n Roll Cart Main Takeaway

We’re not saying that the rock and roll cart rocks everything, it doesn’t. It makes transporting your various items an easy ride with minimal trips, transforming to the shape and size of your load as needed. That’s what it does.

As of today, very few products at this price point come up to the functionality and standards set by the rock n roller trolley.

Summing up, with all its flaws (as stated in the Cons), we find rocknroller multi cart r12 a clear winner. In fact, we don’t see any runner-up close by.RockNRoller Cart for music equipment For More Information on the rock n roller dolly: Click Here

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