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Best Stair Climbing Dolly Cart or Hand Truck: Our Top 5 Picks

Yes, dollies can climb stairs too!

Whether it’s a tall climb or a short one, a stair climbing dolly or climb cart will save you hours of hard work and probably a lot of back pain.

(FYI, If your building has an elevator, please consider using it before moving up and down anything more than 2 or 3 flights of stairs. Otherwise, your move will not be practical.)

The following list is our top recommendations all ranging from the cost-efficient and lightweight all the up to heavy duty and still cost manageable. Of course, with any list, there are other recommendations that could be available. This list will give a better idea of what to expect with a dolly. We hope your search will lead you to the right fit for you.

Our Top Best Stair Climbing Hand Truck:

UpCart The All-Terrain Folding Cart Stair Dolly

best stair climbing dolly

review of climb cart for stairs

Top 5 Stair Climbing Hand Trucks and Dollies:

1. UpCart The All-Terrain Stair Climbing Truck – Best Hand Truck for Stairs

How to use a hand truck on stairs:

dolly that goes up stairsbest stair climbing dolly

If portability fits your stair master needs, then this is a great option for you. The UpCart All-Terrain, that’s right, all-terrain, “folding” cart. It can climb stairs and fold for your storage convenience. The last thing we need is another big bulky piece of hardware filling our already crowded garage space.

This dolly includes a foldable design with a 3-wheel chassis that provides more stability and confidence while moving up and down your stairs. It comes fully assembled and is great for every day around the home needs.

PROS: lightweight, portable, foldable, takes up less space, easy to use

CONS: lightweight, portability, and foldability make it suitable for less than 100lbs. (we recommend less), not a sturdy handle design.

FINAL VERDICT: It’s perfect for around the house for smaller items. Just like any foldable hardware tool, it has a lot of moving parts so it’s not as sturdy as a solid frame dolly. The 3-wheel design will provide a unique experience compared to a solid bar kit. The usability is much more user-friendly. Do not let children play with this if you have stairs in your house for they will treat it like a transformer or a makeshift sled. Recommended for lightweight household items.

best 3 wheel stair climbing dolly

2. Magline 86006 C5 Stair Climber Kit – Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Cart

best value climb cartIMPORTANT! This is a kit that attaches to a Magline Dolly it is not an actual stair climbing hand cart

Not only is it famous for being the main featured dolly kit on our homepage but, this is the expectation of what a stair climber dolly should generally look like.

The overall setup includes two cast aluminum sliders with replaceable low friction polymer skid bars. It is designed for easy movement while climbing stairs and helps to avoid damage to stairs or curbs. It’s sleek, has solid wheels, and can easily be attached or removed for convenience.

PROS: easy attachment, aluminum build makes it strong enough for small or medium size jobs, helps protect stairs

CONS: the kit does not come with the dolly, will require the physical strength of at least someone beyond puberty to use correctly, polymer skid bars may wear and tear over time but are replaceable

FINAL VERDICT: The kit with the dolly has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. However, you do not want to use this dolly to lift 500 lbs items up and down the stairs. We suggest anything less than 100lbs to be safe up to 200lbs if you have the strength to handle it.

Definitely recommended for boxes with heavier items to move up and down the stairs at home. For businesses, it’s a great goto dolly for packages and deliveries.

stair climbing dolly 3 wheels

3. Haul Master 600 Lbs. Capacity Appliance Hand Truck for Stairs

cheap climb cartIf you’re moving appliances, and looking for the best moving dolly for stairs, that’s long lasting and won’t let you down then this is right for you.

This hand truck features a heavy gauge steel frame with double-stitched webbed straps to keep your larger items in place and balanced. The 6″ rubber wheels are designed for long-term use and prevent puncture wounds or going flat. It has a 600 lbs load capacity and the rubberized traction wheels help to assist in heavy lifting.

PROS: great for small to medium-sized appliances, secure fit for added stability with straps, balancing larger items assisted by secure straps, thin design for less storage place

CONS: not motorized, not recommended for the total 600 lbs, requires user knowledge to use properly, whoever is using needs to know what they are doing, straps must be secure otherwise the wife gets a new frig or washing machine

FINAL VERDICT: It will save your back when moving larger objects and appliances. The straps need to be double-checked before operating so the user must be knowledgeable of the product before use. It says 600 lbs but, not recommended for the total limit. We always suggest taking a third off the total capacity for safety reasons. The whole assembly does not take up much space and is a heavy gauge frame that can support large capacity loads. Recommended for medium to heavy items. Extra safety precautions for new appliances.

best dolly to climb stairs with 3 wheels


4. Best Heavy Duty Climbing Dolly for Home & Garden Home 200 kg

best dolly that goes up stairsA very good mid-range hand truck for both the home and garden. It features a durable tubular steel frame with barrow style design. It is meant for heavy-duty projects and the 3-wheels on either side are ideal for supporting heavier loads up and down the stairs. It can also be stored with the front plate folded up.

PROS: best bang for the buck with this heavy-duty hand truck/ stair climber combo, protruding handles give a solid grip with added weight support on the front plate and sides, max weight 200 KG or 440 lbs.

CONS: on the heavy side itself about 36 lbs or 16.5 kg, it can lift up to 440 lbs, however, will require physical exertion for max weight

FINAL VERDICT: It can handle anything comfortably recommended up to 300 lbs. The added stair climber wheels are a plus over different floor surfaces. We recommend this for medium to heavy projects. The front plate is not a solid piece and also foldable which will come into consideration with different weight options. All in all, the best deal for the price for a well-rounded dolly truck with a handsome color combo.

roughneck stair climber hand truck

This Cart Below Also Won – Best Stair Climbing Shopping Cart:

5. Foldable Stair Climber Trolley Dolly with Seat – Stair Walking Hand Truck

hand cart for stairsSometimes you may not need a stair climber just for moving. This 3-in-1 shopping/ storage dolly can climb stairs and doubles as a utility cart. It has an all weatherproof large bag compartment, 3-wheel stair climbers, and a fold-down seat. Its frame is made from durable steel and the max weight capacity can hold up to 110 lbs. One of the best features is that it is a lightweight dolly coming in at 4 lbs.

PROS: lightweight, foldable, compact, great for tailgating, all-steel design for durability, easy to use. This is a great cart to carry groceries upstairs!

CONS: not meant for heavy lifting but it’s not meant for that

FINAL VERDICT: It works as a great travel dolly if stairs are an issue. It gives an extra option for routine shopping needs and live sporting events. The fact that it can climb stairs is a plus for all those moments when an elevator is not accessible. It comes in a well-built design with good materials for waterproofing and durable construction. Not bad for only 4 lbs. Recommended for shopping and lightweight errands. Definitely a head-turner.

hand truck that goes up stairs

Thank you for reading and remember the best dolly is waiting for you!

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