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Our Top 5 Heavy Duty Boat Trailer Dollies for 2020

Maneuvering a boat trailer without the aid of any tool is backbreaking, not to mention foolhardy. If you’ve bought your first boat and probably getting it organized with its trailer in the garage, it wouldn’t take you a minute to figure out that you’d also need a boat trailer mover.

This boat accessory will help you navigate your trailer around the boatyard and to its storage area fast and easy. Steering around tight corners without a scratch will finally cease to be the contest you rarely win at. Both your boat and its trailer pose a challenge to your garage’s dimensions. With the perfect trailer hand dolly, however, you will be able to keep your garage in perfect order and your wits intact.

Our Top Pick:  Best Heavy Duty Boat Trailer Dolly For Sale

best value boat trailer dolly


Tow Tuff Heavy Duty Trailer Mover

boat trailer dolly for moving boats

Take a look at five of the best boat trailer dollies that we have lined up for you.

1.  Tow Tuff Adjustable Boat Trailer Caddy with Caster, TMD-800C

boat trailer dolly wheelsTow Tuff’s TMD-800C adjustable boat trailer caddy is rated for heavier loads than the previous unit – a good 800-lb max capacity. Its third wheel makes it more stable, stronger, and easier to maneuver no doubt about that.


This heavy-duty boat dolly is built with a solid steel frame and 12-inch flat-free tires, this dolly has many features that will allow you to use it with a variety of trailers.

boat trailer dolly for sale

The pros

  • Adjustable height advantage

    – you can adjust its height from 16.5” to 25.5” so that it’s leveled with your trailer. Towing is so much easier when both mechanisms are aligned well.

  • 2 wheels + 1 caster

    – the 8” caster makes rolling smoother and steering much easier on this 3 wheel trailer dolly. It also evens out the weight and takes away the load from you as you push or pull.

  • Wide wheelbase

    – the 30” wheelbase width ensures extra stability when making turns, especially in tight spaces.


The cons

 The plastic handgrips tend to slip off on this boat tow dolly. That can be disappointing especially for a dolly at this price point. But would you like to hear a simple hack? Remove the handgrips and apply some adhesive on the insides. Then slip them back on to the handlebar. Allow the adhesive to dry before using the dolly.

The takeaway

It’s pretty obvious: If you need to move a variety of trailers and only have the budget for one dolly, then Tow Tuff’s adjustable 3-wheeled boat dolly wins hands down. We rest our case!

2.  MaxxHaul 70225 Heavy Duty Trailer Dollys

trailer tongue dollyGive your back a break and see what MaxxHaul 70225 can do for you. With its steel build and 12-inch pneumatic tires, it’s easily your next all-around best. It works not only for your boat or jet ski trailer but also for utility trailers within the 600-lb capacity that it’s rated for.

trailer hand dolly heavy duty 

The pros

If you buy this boat caddy, you can start looking forward to years of superb performance.

That’s sound spending to us.

  • Easy assembly

    – the unit is delivered to you in dismantled parts, but putting them together is no sweat with the instruction manual that comes with it.

  • Maintenance-free performance

    – it is solidly built and requires no regular maintenance to keep it going. Just the usual wash down after each use and you’re good to go for your next sortie.

  • Multifunctional

    – it can move various types of trailers – we’ve already mentioned that, right? But it also moves with great ease on different terrains, such as mud, sand, or grass. That’s the very reason why some boat owners call it the best heavy-duty boat trailer.

The cons

 If you’d want to be particularly meticulous in finding a flaw, we think it would be its lack of portability. Once you’ve assembled it, it stays that way. No folding parts to keep it compact when transporting or storing it away. You’d have to knock it down to its storable parts. However, we believe that that is the tradeoff you’d have to live with for the sturdy build that you get.

The takeaway

Our take is that the benefits clearly outweigh the lone drawback. Also, we almost forgot to mention that this boat trolley is very affordable – you wouldn’t even dig deep into your pocket.

The unit delivers what it says it will – that’s all-important. As to the minor issue, there’s a way to go around it – place the dolly inside the boat when you hit the road, not in your car trunk where it wrestles with your ice chest. Now, isn’t that cool – I like this boat trailer moving dolly!


3.  Tow Tuff  Boat Moving Dolly Moves with Casters, TMD-1000C

two wheel trailer dollyYet, here’s another adjustable boat trailer hand dolly from Tow Tuff. How does it differ from TMD-800C? For one, it’s designed for 1000 lb. It comes with two 16” flat-free tires and one 10” swivel caster – these are huge. It would make rolling on the unleveled ground a lot easier. You’d know that this is made for bigger trailers by its hitch ball size of 2” and height compatibility range of 21”-33”.

 boat trailer dolly with brake


  • Caster advantage

    – the swivel caster acts as a pivot for negotiating tight turns effortlessly. As in other 3-wheel models, it takes some of the trailer’s weight away from the user.

  • Greater weight capacity

    – the 1000-lb load capacity makes moving a variety of trailers easy and safe.

  • Bigger tires

    – for greater stability and maneuverability. Bigger tires move easily on grass, mud, or sand because their bigness adds more surface traction.


The general gripe about TMD-1000C is its tendency to tip when it’s pushed. The thing is this: Dollies – especially those weighed down by tall, heavy trailers – are used best for pulling and not for pushing. It’s the safest way to handle a dolly. The only time you push – and only in a downward direction – is when it’s time to negotiate tight spaces.

The takeaway on this manual trailer dolly

It’s always safer to choose one with a rated capacity that’s around twice the tongue weight of your loaded trailer. So for a little bit more in cost, this dolly will allow you to use it on a variety of trailers and still be on the safe side. There’s one thing to keep in mind: the hitch ball attaches to couplers 2” in diameter or larger. So if you have trailers with couplers of 1-7/8”, then the TMD-800C would be a better fit.


4.  Go2buy 600-lb Capacity Boat Hitch Dolly

tow dolly best priceWhat about a dolly for lighter boat trailers at less cost? Well, you’re in luck! At less than $50, you can still get nearly all the works of an efficient trailer dolly with Go2buy’s trailer mover.

Compared to Maxxhaul 70225, Go2buy also has the same capacity, a 1-7/8” hitch ball, around 28” wheelbase width, and over 10” handlebar width. It is lighter in weight, has a longer lever handle, and has two 10” pneumatic wheels. The most obvious difference is in the material used for the frame – Maxxhaul is made of solid steel, while Go2buy is made of heavy-duty iron.

tow dolly for trailer

The pros

  • Maneuverable

    – the 47” handle provides the leverage that you need to steer a heavy load.

  • Inexpensive

    – you can’t probably have it cheaper at this max capacity.

The cons

  • Height – The height of the hitch ball from the wheelbase is around 11” and around 15” from the ground. MaxxHaul 70225 has about the same height. That’s a little short for some trailers, so make sure to consider your trailer’s height and this spec before buying.

The takeaway on this Towable Trailer Dolly

You may not want to spend so much on a dolly for your small boat trailer or log splitter. Or you’re venturing on a new hobby and all you want is to test the water first. If that’s the case, then you’d be wise to try Go2buy for a few bucks. You’d worry less about the cost and have more time to enjoy your new hobby.


5.  Tow Tuff Adjustable Small Trailer Dolly, TMD-600AFF 

dolly wheel for boat trailerWe’ve started the list with a 600-lb capable dolly, so why not end it with a competitive opponent, such as Tow Tuff’s TMD-600AFF? MaxxHaul definitely edged other models with similar spec prices. In case you’re wondering, though, could this adjustable dolly possibly win over MaxxHaul if not for the yawning price gap? Let’s see.

They’re on equal footing when it comes to max tongue capacity, steel construction, number of wheels, and 1-7/8” diameter hitch ball.

trailer tongue dolly wheel

The pros

  • It has a slightly longer handle – though it’s just a little over an inch, the added leverage can mean something.

  • The more significant advantage, though, is its adjustability in hitch ball height from the ground, which is from 15-3/8” to 24-3/8” compared to MaxxHaul’s fixed ball height of 17”.

The cons

 TMD-600AFF has smaller tires at 10” compared to MaxxHaul’s 12”. However, it has flat-free, maintenance-free tires, which could spell another advantage for many would-be buyers out there.

The takeaway on the Tow Tuff Trailer Dolly

 The price factor, where MaxxHaul is the hands-down winner, is nothing to sneeze at. However, if your situation demands the flexibility of TMD-600AFF in terms of hitch ball height, then think no more about it. You shouldn’t compromise usefulness in this case.

Conclusion – Trailer Hand Dolly 

 The boat trailer hand trucks we’ve featured and ranked have different strengths and weaknesses. Always choose a dolly based on its strength that responds to what you need, and not solely on specs. Simply put, don’t buy an expensive dolly simply because it’s huge or rated with high capacity.

Measure the coupler height of your trailer, determine its maximum loaded weight, and find out other such details. Determine the tongue weight of your loaded trailer (9%-15% of gross weight) and choose a dolly with around twice this figure. In other words, don’t pay for impressive numbers if you don’t need them.

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