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Hi there! Welcome to!

Are you looking for a dolly to help you move things around? Then you’ve come to the right place!

There’s an enormous variety of dollies and hand trucks out there, and we know it’s going to take you some time to find the best one for your purpose. That’s where can help you.

What do we do?

  • We sift through thousands of products and pore through verified user reviews – so you don’t have to.
  • We categorize and rank dollies and hand trucks, and wrap results through articles – so you get a skinny on the top best in different categories.
  • We borrow other people’s experiences and help you limit your risks – so you only buy the moving dolly that works.
  • We also do thorough product reviews on selected products – so you could weigh the pros and cons and make smart buying decisions.

What will you find at

  • Only highly recommended products

Although the list on this site can be extensive, it is only a fraction of the total variety of dollies and hand trucks out there. The products posted on this site are only the top recommendations for the different categories. If you click through to the Amazon site, you will quickly see many more options and variations.

  • Users’ firsthand experiences

With every product clicked, you will find a tab showing customer reviews. We are a believer that product reviews and ratings are priceless. They are about the insights and firsthand experience of buyers and users, which in turn will help shape the experience of would-be buyers and users like you.

  • Articles and product reviews 

As starters, we have posted some articles and reviews to give you an idea about the best dollies in certain categories. Every now and then we will be publishing more reviews and top products lists to keep you updated.

What can a dolly do for you?

Normally, if you need to move something from one point to another, you could choose to drag it or lift it. With a prayer that it doesn’t damage the floor or strain your back, if I may add.

If it’s particularly heavy or huge, you’d have to consider a third option – call in the neighbors or the movers.

But if you own a dolly, you wouldn’t need any of those options – just wheel your cargo to its destination! It’s done faster than you could even think about it!

That’s what a dolly does – moves things easily and quickly, prevents damage to the cargo or the floor, and saves you from back pains and overthinking.

A dolly is one of those absolute necessities for your home or business. You don’t just use it during a move, but every once in a while there will be something excessive either in weight or quantity that you will have to move around. A dolly is a go-to piece of hardware. It will be sought-after when it is most useful. Depending on the job, it will be frequent or a few times a year. Either way, it is a long-term investment that will be worthwhile for the house or business.


What’s the best dolly for you?

As for any tool, the kind of dolly that works for your neighbor may not always be the exact kind that will work for you. Each job requires a different tool. The important factors to keep in mind are weight capacity, mobility, and functionality.

The great news is that if you can think of a particular need then there is probably a dolly that was made just for it. If you take one look at the categories on this site, you will quickly see how many varieties and variations there are of each dolly.

So to find the perfect dolly for you, ask yourself these questions:

“What are the usual objects that I keep repositioning or transporting?”

“What particular thing do I find difficult to move around?”

Your answers should narrow down your choices to a particular type or subtype of dolly. We have made it easy for you to navigate our website by presenting the different types as separate categories.


What are the different types of dollies and hand trucks?

Whether it’s a pile of light boxes you’re transporting or a boat trailer you need to turn at a 90-degree angle, having a wheeled assistant to move things easier and faster makes a world of difference.

Here are the types that you will find in this website:

  • 2-wheel dollies – also called hand trucks. They’re perfect for moving boxes, luggage, supplies, and multiple small objects. We also feature hand trucks that can be transformed (from upright to flat) or folded (for easy storage).
  • 3-wheel dollies – these are 3-wheeled attachments for furniture legs or cabinet corners to smoothly roll them to their new location.
  • 4-wheel dollies – also called flat dollies. You’ll need this platform type of dolly for transporting heavy furniture and appliances that have to be kept level during the move.
  • 4+-wheel dollies – similar to 4-wheel dollies except that they have more wheels. A moving dolly distributes the weight of its load to its wheels. The additional wheels in a 4+-wheel dolly add to its stability and weight-bearing capacity. These types are used in warehouses for moving cases and pallet loads.
  • Trailer dollies – used for moving various types of trailers manually. This tool is invaluable when you need to reposition your trailer in your garage or park it in a tight camping site.
  • Bucket Dollies – used to hold and move buckets around easily on cleaning projects.  This dolly will be your new best friend in the work place!

If you regularly move things as part of your job or hobby, we’re happy to tell you that is also the place to shop for dolly accessories and dolly straps. We know you value your time and thought it would be better if we kept all things dolly in a single website.

In a word

Whenever you need dollies and hand trucks, visit It’s that simple! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliate sites.
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