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Moving Straps – You seriously need these!

You’re quite happy with your moving dollies – the type that rolls on wheels with a slight push from you – so why bother with moving straps? Well, pro movers don’t use these moving straps just to show off their great form, you know. In fact, in certain situations, these straps are the preferred moving tools. Seriously!

What are Moving straps?

These are a system of straps, harnesses, and buckles, so designed to be worn by the mover to safely lift a heavy object. A backpack type strap is designed for a single lifter who carries the load on his back. The moving strap by ArtiLanyard is of this type. It is made of heavy-duty polypropylene lashing straps with buckles for fastening around the object and padded shoulder straps for the lifter.

Various types are designed for two lifters working together to carry a single load. Generally, there will be a harness for each lifter. The harness is worn over the head and around the torso. The back is X-shaped for even distribution of weight. It can also have a padded style, like the shoulder moving straps from Nielsen Products. There’s a buckle in front where you attach the lifting strap, which goes under the furniture or object.

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A variation of this is the Forearm Forklift moving strap, which is worn around the forearm. Like the over-the-shoulder type, you must use this with a partner. However, this type has no back harness and your hands will not be totally free.

All these types of tow dolly straps allow the lifter to remain upright while handling a hefty load. When these lifting s

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ystems are properly used, you will be capable of carrying heavy objects by using the strength of your legs and upper body without straining your back.     


Why would you want these moving straps if you already own a dolly?

  1. These straps are handy and light, and they practically don’t take up space. In fact, they’re barely there!

  2. You will have no issues with any ground surface when using straps, just wear proper footwear. With wheeled dollies, you will have to consider whether the ground is paved, grassy, sandy, or graveled.

  3. They’re versatile. Are you moving something slack and floppy like a mattress? Or do you find it difficult to set an irregularly-shaped or lopsided object on a wheeled dolly? You’ll manage better with shoulder or forearm moving straps.

  4. Tow dolly straps, in general, allow hands-free movement. So you’ll be able to open a door or balance your load. Movement of the hand is somehow limited, though, in the forearm forklift type since it is held between the elbow and the hand.

  5. Straps will allow you to move objects along narrow passages, such as a flight of stairs or tight corridors.

We’re not saying that you will not need your wheeled dollies anymore – far from it. But will you take a 40-lb platform dolly to fetch a big box that probably weighs less than the dolly? We’d rather grab one-person moving straps and head for the package.

If you want to bring a huge mattress down from the second floor, will you drag your 40-pounder dolly upstairs just so you can load the mattress on it? A lifting partner and forearm lifting or moving straps would seem like a better idea.

But don’t get us wrong, your 40-lb dolly is not the bad guy. In fact, if it’s heavy equipment you’re picking up, then that wheeled platform would be the perfect transporter.

Are these moving straps safe to use?

As is the case with all tools, use them properly and for their intended purpose and they’ll be safe. Keep in mind the following reminders:

  1. Don’t attempt to use these moving straps if you are pregnant or have health issues with your back or shoulders.

  2. Inspect the straps for any damage or tear prior to using it. Don’t use it if there are. Better yet, dispose it.

  3. Wear proper footwear. Your shoes must be non-slip.

  4. Clear your path before going in with your load. Remove anything that may cause an accident or slip.

  5. Carefully read instructions as to the proper usage of the moving straps.

  6. Check for maximum weight capacity. The weight of the load must be below the design capacity.

  7. Secure the placement of the strap under the load.

  8. Make sure that you and your partner have one understanding about your load, your path, and your destination.

  9. Communicate and synchronize your movements. Don’t assume or talk in your head.

  10. Take small steps.

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Final word on Moving Straps

The one-person backpack-style moving straps are best for boxes and square-shaped loads. Remember that you will be carrying the load by yourself. It’s best to limit this to light or medium-weight boxes.

The two-person straps are so much better and more ergonomic than the one-person straps mainly because the weight of the load is shared between the lifters.

Of the different types of  moving straps, we lean towards the over-the-shoulder two-person type. It distributes the weight more evenly and is friendlier to the user, which means that it’s easier on the back, too.

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