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CartMover Electric Battery Powered Industrial Tugger

Amazon.com Price: $9,495.00 (as of 07/04/2023 05:20 PST- Details)

The compact, battery powered CartMover™ is perfect increasing productivity and ensuring worker safety when moving goods on wheeled carts. The CartMover’s intuitive controls make this make this material handler easy to use. Powered forward and reverse for pushing and pulling loads in excess of 10,000* lbs.! The variable speed is controlled the usage of a potentiometer dial and thumb directed butterfly style wig-wag throttle. We engineered the CartMover to keep workers protected. Many workplace injuries are because of workers trying to move heavy loads by themselves. The CartMover is a heavy-duty tool, but light enough to be easily maneuvered by anyone. Our innovative battery-powered design provides the mobility needed to increase worker productivity even as enhancing protected work practices. Where can it be used? Cell manufacturing facilities Vehicle repair or manufacturing Hospitals Aerospace manufacturing Commercial laundry Print and converting facilities Shipping and Receiving Anywhere you want to move loads on casters or wheels CartMover models include quick-charging battery packs and durable battery chargers with LED display. Rechargeable battery packs and charging units may also be purchased one by one. Also additional CartMover units may also be purchased without or with batteries or charging units. The Appleton Charger runs off 110v 60 Hertz Electric (common US plug) and is designed to mount to a wall or pillar. Package Includes the CartMover, Charger, 2 5,000 mAh NiCad Batteries, Top Mount, Front Mount, 3 adjustable posts (1.375”, 2.875” and 5”), two adjustable connection claws (1-2” and 3-4”) the improve nosebars, a set of multi-directional wheels for simple steering, and motor repair brush kit.