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Griot’s Garage 67255CSTBUC Ultimate Car Wash Bucket

Amazon.com Price: $54.98 (as of 10/04/2023 05:00 PST- Details)

This in point of fact is the ultimate car wash bucket. It has a lower grill so that the heavy debris falls to the bottom and won’t allow your wash

This in point of fact is the ultimate car wash bucket. It has a lower grill so that the heavy debris falls to the bottom and won’t allow your wash mitt to pick it up again. There is a molded-in measuring cup (patented design) in the grill for you to dispense the proper amount of car wash each and every time. The top sieve allows your wash mitt to lay on it without dripping over the side of the bucket. The 2 inch casters are included so as to push the bucket around with your foot if your hands are full. The heavy-duty molded plastic tub holds a massive six gallons of water, has hash marks in liters and gallons on the inside wall and has a wonderful form-fitting handle. The bucket is 19 inches wide, 9 inches across and 9 inches deep. The snap-on lid keeps the water from splashing throughout transportation.

The Griot’s Garage Ultimate Car Wash Bucket is packed with features, making it the most well thought-out wash bucket in the world. The durable, molded plastic tub holds a big six gallons of water, more than enough to wash even large vehicles. Raised grills prevent contamination of wash mitts, and built-in measuring devices ensure you get the right mixture of Car Wash and water every time. 2” casters make the Ultimate Car Wash Bucket easy to move around, and a snap-on lid keeps water from splashing throughout transportation.

Griot's Garage
Six Important Features Set This Bucket Apart

A raised lower grill lets dirt and debris fall through and sink to the bottom, preventing contamination of your wash mitts. Built into the lower grill is a molded measuring cup, marked at two ounces so you’ll be able to add the perfect amount of Car Wash at a glance. Fill level marks in gallons and liters are molded into the bucket walls, so you at all times know how much water you’ve added. A smaller, upper grill makes a convenient place to rest your wash mitt, without having water and suds spill over the side. 2”, easy-rolling casters and a strong, form-fitting carry handle make moving the bucket around your car a breeze.

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With a complete line of top of the range car care products, Griot’s Garage serves the needs of automotive enthusiasts who demand the best. Founder Richard Griot mailed the first catalog from his own garage in 1990 under a simple guiding premise (from the words of Sir Henry Royce, founder of Rolls-Royce), “Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.” To this day, Griot’s Garage constantly strives for perfection so you’ll be able to have fun in your garage.

Includes casters, lid, handle, sieves with built-in measuring cup
Holds 6 gallons of water
Grate at bottom allows dirt and debris to fall through so it stays out of your wash mitt
Convenient detailing tool tray
Molded-in hashmarks measure in both liters and gallons