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The Utility Hand Truck – Compare Our Top 5 Picks!

Trust humans to find ways to lighten their toil. Our great grandparents had donkeys and oxen to carry their merchandise. Now we have our own mechanical beasts of burden. We call them many names – dollies, hand carts, and hand trucks – and they come in various shapes and types.

Of these types, the upright utility hand truck is the most basic, practical, and versatile. It’s every mover’s indispensable companion. A delivery service provider has no business delivering commodities without this tool. Even ordinary people like you who want a convenient way to move supplies definitely need one.

We’ve dedicated this article to this multipurpose 2 wheel dolly cart, and we’ve featured below our top 5 picks.

Our Top 5 Utility Hand Trucks   

  1. Safco’s Tuff Truck

  2. Magliner hand truck

  3. Milwaukee’s Hoss Boss

  4. Harper Trucks’ heavy-duty hand truck

  5. Pack-N-Roll’s folding utility dolly

Let’s see what have these dollies got that endeared them so much to their users and owners:

Safco Products 4069 Tuff Truck Utility Hand Truck

Safco’s Tuff Truck
best utility hand truck weighs around 20 lb, has a 14”x7” base plate, and is supported by two 8” solid rubber wheels. It is built of steel and has a rated capacity of 400 lb. The vertical frame goes straight up and around a curved-back loop handle. The back of the frame is also braced in a similar curved fashion.

Owners have used this hand cart to move rocks, heavy pots, garden soil, a concrete garden fountain, kegs of beer, and gas tanks, to name a few. The big wheels have no problem rolling on garden stepping stones, irregular ground surface, and ramps. We looked at its price tag, and we were pleasantly surprised – it is inexpensive! The no-frills Tuff Truck is truly pure toughness. It has remained faithful to the timeless  qualities of its hardworking utility hand truck price


Magliner HMK111AA1 Hand Truck

best 2 wheel dolly cartThe sleek aluminum Magliner hand truck is quite the opposite in looks. Its aluminum construction accounts for its lightness, durability, and resistance to rust. The back of the vertical frame goes straight up to its loop handle. Its 7-1/2”x14” base plate is made of die-cast aluminum. This dolly has a maximum load capacity of 500 lb, and is supported at the rear by two 8” flat-free rubber wheels.

Movers and warehouse workers say that this is their most trusted dolly on two wheels – solidly built yet very lightweight. It is designed for transporting stacks of boxes, totes, and small appliances or

best 2 wheel dolly cart price

furniture. Even seniors find it easy to push, pull, and steer. Don’t expect it to go right out of the box, though. It needs assembling, which is pretty straightforward if you have the proper tools.

Our first two items are basic hand trucks with rated capacities of 500 pounds and below. They’re generally lightweight and compact. The next two items are heavy-duty models with much higher load capacities.


Milwaukee Hand Trucks 49977 Hoss Boss

Milwaukee’s Hoss Bossutility hand truck amazon looks like the “mother of all utility hand trucks”, as one buyer calls it. If you want to know just how heavy-duty it is – well, it has a rated capacity of 1000 lb. That’s just for starters. It is constructed from 1.25” steel tubing and has 12”x24” base plate. It is supported by two pneumatic wheels 15” in diameter and 6” wide. Whew, fat wheels if you ask us! You can look forward to a walk in the park with your full-sized fridge!

Owners found themselves using this hand truck much more often than they initially planned. It’s great for moving sculptures, trees, wine barrels, boulders, gun safes, and

utility hand truck amazon review

yes, full-sized refrigerators. A word of caution, though: It weighs over 50 lb. That’s not in any way lightweight. You may even need another person to help you handle it once it’s loaded over 600 lb.


Harper Trucks Heavy-Duty Hand Truck

Harper Trucks’ heavy-duty hand truckbest value 2 wheel dolly cart has a load capacity of 800 lb. Like the Hoss Boss, it is made of 1.25” steel tubing. It has a smaller base plate, which measures 8”x20”, and is supported by two 10” solid rubber wheels. Instead of the loop handle, this 2-wheel utility hand cart has dual handles. This is cheaper by half and weighs 20 pounds lighter than the Hoss Boss dolly. These are important points of consideration for would-be buyers.

If you normally move heavy materials on hard, even ground, this hand truck is designed for you. Construction employees need not worry about the tires getting punctured by sharp objects, like nails, because these never-flat tires were made to withstand punctures.

If we were to be nitpicky with the first four hand trucks, one possible flaw would be the inconvenience of lugging them when not in use. So if you’re looking for a hand truck that folds neatly away after its hard work, see how the dolly below fares.

best value 2 wheel dolly cart review


Pack-N-Roll 83-297-917 Folding Dolly

Pack-N-Roll’s folding utility dollycompact 2 wheel dolly cart has a capacity of 500 lb. It is steel-built with composite materials for added stability and is supported by two 8” solid wheels. The user may choose to maneuver the cart using its loop handle or its dual lock-and-release handles. The base plate has an area of 15.75”x24”. It folds down to 40.5”x24” with a thickness of 3.5” inclusive of its tucked-in wheels.

This tool works best for cutting down on multiple trips from the car to the house or office, and vice versa. It makes odd jobs less of a chore. It’s a sturdy dolly with a heft of its own. It rolls smoothly and has no issues with ramps, but don’t attempt it on stairs. Doing so will require more work on your part because this dolly is not designed for stairs.

compact 2 wheel dolly cart review


Utility hand trucks are here to stay

Have you ever wondered why, after evolving into different shapes and forms, the original L-shaped 2 wheel dolly cart has not once left the scene? It has co-existed with 4-wheeled dollies, the hybrids, and even the motorized versions. The reason is simple: These hand trucks continue to be useful to humans!

As long as humankind remains physically active, this all-purpose moving assistant will be here to stay for many years to come.

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